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Notes From the Craneware Financial Performance Summit

October 20 through 22, Craneware hosted its second annual Summit at Red Rock Resort outside of Las Vegas. From the very name of the event it was a little different from 2014, as while last year’s event was called the Revenue Integrity Summit, this one was the Financial Performance Summit. There was a reason for that. While revenue integrity is critical for any provider organization, success is increasingly about managing revenue, cost and outcomes in a more integrated way. It’s why the concept of the value cycle came about, and conversations at the Summit touched on all these factors for provider organization success. The 100 or so attendees had a wide range of interests in addition to a common goal of financial excellence in their organizations. The sessions looking at proposed OPPS rules and the overview and early analysis of 2016 CPT updates were standing-room only. There was also a great session by David Johnson, CEO of 4Sight Health, titled Value Rules: Playbook for Post-Reform Healthcare that left attendees talking. Todd Nelson, Vice President of Education and Organizational Solutions at HFMA gave a spirited presentation on The Mind of a CFO that provoked several thoughtful Tweets from John Lynn of During the roundtable sessions, there was a lot of interest in discussing best practices for pricing, as consumerism, media coverage and competition are heating up the need for sound strategies. And throughout the event, pharmacy and supplies came up in conversation as attendees shared ways to be sure that supplies and administered medications are accurately coded, billed, and reimbursed. Were you at the Summit? Do you want to go next year? What would you like to be able to learn at an event like this? Let us know, and in the meantime here are some useful links associated with the event. Hospital CFO Insights from Craneware Summit ( by John Lynn, 10/22/2015) Blog post detailing Craneware Financial Performance Summit presentation, ‘The Mind of a CFO and the Value Cycle,’ from speaker Todd Nelson of HFMA. Value Rules: Playbook for Post-Reform Healthcare (4Sight Health, by David W. Johnson, 10/21/2015) David Johnson, CEO of 4Sight Health, talks about the market forces dictating the industry shifting to a value cycle approach in a post-reform world.
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