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Craneware Completes Acquisition of Sentry Data Systems.

Combined offering provides hospitals and affiliated retail pharmacies with transformational data insights used to create new models of healthcare delivery

Stories from our customers about why we are their preferred Value Cycle partner.

“The best thing about Chargemaster Toolkit is that all the information we need to research and make decisions is in one place.”


“I am a proponent of Chargemaster Toolkit. I use the chargemaster and online reference toolkits, and I sing Craneware’s praises. We love everything that we use, and I would recommend the product to anyone.”


“Craneware has a phenomenal team, and we really like working with the team.”


“I love calling Craneware because they are the only vendor with a customer service department where we can reach a real person.”


“Craneware has great customer service; their support people are exceptional. The people are always super friendly, and they are great at answering our questions. There is always someone available at Craneware when we need them.”


“Craneware’s education is very relevant and timely. When they send out insights, they send them out ahead of time.”


Solutions for healthcare providers to optimize financial performance.

Chargemaster Toolkit

Chargemaster Toolkit

Chargemaster Toolkit eliminates variances in data and prevents revenue loss.

  • Optimize reimbursement by identifying gaps and inaccurate data
  • Manage workflow based organization’s change-validation control processes
  • Track interdepartmental routing, approvals, and communication for an accurate audit trail

Learn More

Pharmacy ChargeLink

Trisus Pharmacy Financial Management

Focusing on providing visibility into pharmacy reimbursement, Trisus Pharmacy assists pharmacy leaders in taking control of their revenue and expense targets.

Learn More

Pricing Analyzer

Trisus Pricing Analyzer

Using the power of the Trisus Platform, Trisus Pricing Analyzer simplifies and automates the price-modeling process, providing the speed and flexibility you need to adapt to dynamic market conditions.

Learn More

Trisus® Claims Informatics

Trisus® Claims Informatics

Daily imports of your claim and remittance data allow quick, accurate responses to complex payor and regulatory changes.

Learn More

Online Reference Toolkit

Online Reference Toolkit

Craneware’s Online Reference Toolkit is a browser-based tool that provides quick access to comprehensive clinical, coding, financial, and regulatory references, enabling improved collaboration between clinical and financial staff and accurate coding and charging.

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Trisus® Care

Trisus Healthcare Intelligence

Trisus® Healthcare Intelligence integrates financial, clinical, and operational data at the patient registration level to provide insight into true costs. This game-changing approach to activity-based costing introduces manufacturing cost management techniques into healthcare, which will revolutionize the industry.

Learn More

Providing Epic Expertise

Craneware supports Epic hospitals with our dedicated teams from implementation to conversion go-lives. Learn more

The journey to your value cycle success starts here

Hospitals and health systems across the country leverage the passion of our professionals, strength of our data and innovative high-value solutions to drive better outcomes for all.

Starting the journey

Our team of passionate professionals have real-world experience in the healthcare field and are dedicated to our customers’ success.

Realizing value

We are dedicated to our customers’ success in improving margins so they can continue to fulfill their missions and support their communities.

Optimizing outcomes

Craneware customers continue to optimize outcomes with continued learning and thought leadership provided throughout the year.

Your value cycle success starts here

Hospitals and health systems across the country leverage the passion of our professionals, strength of our data and innovative high-value solutions to drive better outcomes for all.

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Latest News

Craneware Launches Trisus® Pharmacy Financial Management

The module helps transform the business of pharmacy by contextualizing data from drug purchases, claims and payments, providing a revolutionary analysis of medication financial performance.

A partner you can trust.