Supplies Assistant

“Thank you for providing the info I needed! I just wanted to share that I sent a supply for review and was super impressed to receive such a prompt response with all the info I needed! It’s one thing to be told, but totally cool for what you were told to actually work. I am a happy camper right now!”
Teresa Fielding, CDM Coordinator, Archibold Medical Center

Searchable Supplies Charge Data

New supplies are being introduced into the market at an unprecedented rate. And it’s critical that they be accurately reflected in the chargemaster to ensure proper revenue reimbursement and compliance.

But each new supply can demand an hour of staff time to research the required coding information. Simply put, your staff can’t keep up with the high volume of code searches that need to be performed.

Gain Immediate Access to Supplies Charge Data

With Supplies Assistant, manually researching for coding information is a thing of the past. With this searchable database available at your fingertips, you can quickly and easily get the coding information needed to add new supplies to the chargemaster.

Supplies Assistant is Craneware’s proprietary supplies coding search function that delivers HCPCS codes, UNSPSC codes, manufacturer, description, catalog ID, and other reference information – in a single screen.

  • Increase productivity and decrease staff labor
    With Supplies Assistant, 60 minutes of research can be reduced to less than 60 seconds.
  • Coding information is updated weekly
    Our all-inclusive supplies catalog includes focus on implants and devices.
  • Accessible from anywhere, anytime
    Everyone has instant access via desktop and mobile devices.
  • Trust Craneware’s Data Experts
    Proprietary content is maintained with Craneware’s highest quality standards.

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