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Physician Revenue Toolkit®

“The audit trail in Physician Revenue Toolkit helps us track what change was requested by whom and when. With RAC and payor audits increasing, we have the proof we need to support our charges.”
Heidi Wyman, Chargemaster Specialist, Billings Clinic

Physician Chargemaster Management for Optimal Reimbursement and Compliance

Are you challenged with capturing physician productivity, profitability, and return on investment for physician services? Are you a provider organization struggling further still with managing chargemaster and fee schedule files from various billing systems? In either case, Craneware helps you gain much-needed visibility into business processes to ensure optimal reimbursement for services provided.

The Physician Revenue Toolkit® and Physician Revenue Toolkit – Corporate help ensure consistent, accurate pricing and coding for optimal reimbursement and compliance by identifying potential coding mistakes, compliance-related coding errors, flawed price positioning, and compliance issues within physician chargemaster/fee schedule line items. All of the applications are based on the same logic as Craneware’s Chargemaster Toolkit® and are packaged with  Online Reference Toolkit®, which serves as a comprehensive, automated source of clinical, coding, financial, and regulatory information for physician billing. Each application provides:

  • simplified creation and modification of charge line items in the physician chargemaster/fee schedule
  • imbedded workflow for a more efficient, accountable, and manageable change request process
  • a defensible audit trail to track and justify chargemaster changes to support compliance
  • a fee schedule application for viewing and comparing current pricing against published state and national rates
  • browser-based access of up-to-date coding and regulatory reference resources specific to physician billing
  • a web-based portal for two-way communication between chargemaster and departmental staff

Physician Revenue Toolkit proactively manages your charges, codes, RVUs, fee schedules, and related information, helping to capture lost revenue, support compliance, set competitive pricing, and establish a defensible audit trail.
Download fact sheet

Physician Revenue Toolkit – Corporate helps healthcare organizations standardize and maintain multiple physician chargemaster and fee schedule files across disparate billing systems to ensure consistent, accurate pricing and coding.
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Implementation for Physician Revenue Toolkit

Craneware Professional Services provides implementation services for Physician Revenue Toolkit that ensure a quick return on investment and ongoing benefits with expert consultation and effective business process design.

Corporate Standardization Services

Craneware’s Professional Services consultants provide project management expertise to help the organization adopting Physician Revenue Toolkit or Physician Revenue Toolkit – Corporate to create a standard for physician billing and define processes. As these systems can accommodate different corporate business models, the Professional Services team will determine the most favorable process for your organization.