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Trisus Medication Analytic Solutions

Trisus Medication Solutions Portfolio

Pharmacy budgets are often second only to salary and benefits in US hospitals and healthcare systems. Some estimates place pharmacy spend between 20-40% of a hospital’s budget. While pharmacy leaders often know their costs, there is limited, if any, visibility into reimbursement for medications. Without a holistic picture of cost, reimbursement, and margin, it can become difficult to make strategic decisions around staffing, adding high-dollar drugs, new service lines, site of care, payor negotiations, and many others that drive not only the business aspect of pharmacy, but also value based, patient-centered care.

To assist pharmacy leaders in enhancing pharmacy performance, Craneware created Trisus Medication Solutions – a suite of applications designed to solve pharmacy business problems. Hospitals are overwhelmed with disparate data sets, coming from internal systems, external systems, and regulatory bodies. Craneware is committed to delivering applications that help pharmacy leaders navigate and prioritize data as needed, with a focus on enhancing financial and operational outcomes.


Trisus Pharmacy Financial Management

Trisus Pharmacy Financial Management assesses purchase, billing, and remittance data sets to provide visibility into margins, at the medication level, giving pharmacy leaders the insights needed to make informed business decisions on a multitude of pharmacy-related areas.

With Financial Management providing a full financial picture, pharmacies can:

  • Make medication-related decisions around site of care, payor, therapy, and infusion lines
  • Improve margins for medications
  • Compare margins across payors
  • Quickly identify unexpected reimbursement variances
  • Decide if and where new infusions centers should open
  • Expand and grow specific service lines
  • Address issues with workflow, policy, and payor agreements
  • Focus on specific medications and payors to maximize financial impact of claim audits
  • Save hours each month of staff time on curating data and reports

As hospitals continue to recover from financial losses from the pandemic, a focus on margin management can help improve pharmacy financial performance. Trisus Pharmacy Financial Management helps the pharmacy leaders of today take a more robust, analytic approach to business decisions and strategy.

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Trisus Medication Formulary

As medication purchasing patterns change due to shortages, safety alerts, new drug approvals, and more, the formulary can easily become outdated causing under-billing and compliance issues. Trisus Medication Formulary combines data from the formulary, charge transactions, and medication purchases to ensure all purchases are captured in the formulary, coded, and charged correctly.

With Trisus Medication Formulary, pharmacy leaders can ensure:

  • Formulary includes all purchased medications
  • Purchased medications not found in the formulary are identified
  • Correct coding and charging information for medications
  • Proper NDC is attached
  • Accurate billing units are notated
  • Medication charges are not lagging behind costs
  • Accurate cost reporting

As part of the Trisus Medication portfolio, Formulary is designed to analyze the formulary and improve charge capture, compliance, and cost accuracy to drive optimal pharmacy financial performance.

Trisus Medication Claim

There’s no understating the impact that delayed or denied claims can have on your organization’s bottom line. Trisus Medication Claim is designed to help you accelerate payment for pharmacy claims and minimize claim denials, while managing complex, government-mandated reporting requirements.

The solution’s sophisticated rules engine streamlines the adjudication process by automatically modifying claims based on your configurations, flagging errors and rejections, then re-validating with real-time edits you make directly in the application. Further, your modifications are incorporated back into Trisus Medication Claim so future claims will adjust correctly without manual intervention, continually reducing the percentage of rejected claims over time.

Trisus Medication Claim helps your organization:

  • Automate 340B reporting requirements for Medicare and Medicaid
  • Reduce delayed, denied, and unpaid claims
  • Process claims quickly and efficiently while remaining compliant
  • Automatically adjust medication claims based on any number of rule sets
  • Edit NDC codes, modifiers, and prices on demand
  • Link NDC charge information to current drug purchases

Trisus Medication Compare

Trisus Mediation Compare offers pharmacy leaders to leap to value-based care by comparing treatments, medications, processes, and costs to help identify treatment plans that achieve the best patient outcomes. This application empowers clinical staff and P&T committees to yield data-driven improvements in quality metrics such as average length of stay and 30-day readmissions.

  • The Pop-Builder RxTM dashboard provides comparative analyses between selected cohorts and real-world data index of over 140 million longitudinal patient records.
  • Drug Remittance dashboard analyzes and reports medication remittance data across payer types and for focused groups of high-cost medications down to the NDC level.
  • The Variance Reporting feature uncovers micro-level differences on medication utilization metrics, then helps identify the need for formulary adjustments, especially high-cost, high-volume medications.

Implementation Made Easy

Our passionate professionals provide an integrated implementation that delivers a quick return on investment and ongoing benefits from using the software with expert consultation, best practices, and effective business process design.

Trisus Medication applications help pharmacy professionals focus on the business of pharmacy. This modular approach to pharmacy-specific applications identifies where pharmacy leaders can prioritize, diagnose, and resolve issues in their systems to impact finances, workflow efficiencies, patient outcomes, and mitigate compliance risks. Our goal is to help healthcare organizations navigate the extensive data spread across their interconnected data ecosystem.

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