Reference Plus™

CDM Review and Reference Software for CAHs and Small Community Hospitals

An industry in transition. An industry with increased government demands, audit pressures and consumer directed healthcare, to name just a few changes. How do you know when something has gone wrong? As a critical access or small community hospital, you feel the pressure mounting every day.

You need actionable data and an accurate view into the chargemaster to be certain you are receiving all the reimbursements you are legitimately entitled. These unseen errors not only hurt your bottom line, they also put you at risk for non-compliance.

Reference Plus was created to support critical access and small hospitals’ specific business needs. It includes all the necessary tools to perform a complete chargemaster review in minutes.

Prioritizes where to focus limited resources to gain the highest impact

  • Identifies deleted, replaced, invalid, inactive, and missing CPT, revenue code, and modifier issues
  • Displays list of replacement codes to choose from to take corrective action
  • Indicates compliance severity

This easy-to-use solution also includes online access to continually up-to-date clinical, financial, and regulatory coding reference information. Plus it is integrated with Supplies Assistant, an optional search module that quickly identifies up-to-date HCPCS codes for supplies. There’s no lost time thumbing through outdated printed reference books, and everyone has access to the same single-source coding information for effectively collaborating to support accurate coding and charging.

Reference Plus improves chargemaster management and risk mitigation.