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Download Pricing Analysis

What is this report?

This is a custom pricing analysis scorecard which will provide an informative overview of how your hospital is charging in comparison to your unique demographics and competitors. The pricing scorecard is intended to help support your pricing transparency and strategic pricing initiatives. Download an example here.

Variance from State Avg Charge by HCPCS Count

The chart below shows the distribution of the percentage differences between your average charge and the average charge within your state.

Variance from State Avg Charge by HCPCS Detail

The below table shows the detail of some of the areas of greatest opportunity from the graph on the previous page when the volume of a HCPCS code that represents a service, supply or pharmaceutical is taken into account.

Pricing Variance Compared to Other Hospitals

The below table shows the variance in average pricing for your hospital compared to three hospitals of your choice, or three nearby hospitals, for a selection of the most common charges.

How much does this report cost?

It’s 100% free. We hope the information is useful and if you are looking for a partner to help you with defensible, transparent pricing or an annual pricing review, you’ll keep Craneware in mind!

How was this report created?

Craneware’s Informatics Team has broken down the Medicare Claims Data (over 180 million outpatient claims and several Million more Inpatient claims were analyzed) for a healthcare provider analysis. Craneware utilized the following data sets to generate this report:

  • Inpatient Standard Analytical File Source: CMS
  • Outpatient Standard Analytical File Source: CMS
  • Medicare Cost Report Data Source: CMS
  • Craneware Proprietary Data

Pricing report – how do you compare?

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